Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dad peacefully passed away, yesterday, November 23 at 4:45 PM. Mom was at his side. Dennis, Debbie and Heather, Tim, Mark, Shelly and her family and John, Jake and I were there also. Mark texted me early that morning to tell me that Dad seemed to have slipped into a coma around 5:00 AM. When I arrived it was apparent Dad would be leaving us soon.We woke Mom and then the others and gathered around his bedside for family prayer. John and Jacob gave him a blessing of release.

Throughout the day, we monitored his condition and Mark gave him medication as needed. Nancy, our hospice nurse, told us what to expect in the coming hours. Mom has been strengthened throughout this difficult time and as she sat by Dad's side she had the courage to tell him she was okay and that it was okay for him to go. She talked to him of going to see his parents, and his baby brother. She even asked Dad to give her love to her parents when he saw them. She told him to go into arms of his Savior. Her words and touch always seemed to calm him. Each of us also took a moment of 'alone' time with Dad, giving us each a few minutes to say good-bye.

Dad's breathing began to alter around 4:00 PM and he peacefully drew his last breath about 45 minutes later. The whole thing seems surreal, yet I know he is gone when I walk into his room and see his empty chair.

Mother is holding up. It is hard for her to rest with so many people about, and we are doing our best to help her. Dad's funeral service is Saturday, November 27 at 1:00PM with a viewing about an hour prior to the service and will be at the Springville Stake Center.

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